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company introduction
A leader in solar industry in China

SF Application
Modules: phase 1: Performance management, objectives management, the performance of normal distribution and staff records. phase 2: vocational development, backup talented development plan
Users: 3000 Employees
Serviceable range: China, Europe, USA
Implementation period: phase 1: officially launched in September 2011, the implementation period is 4 months. phase 2: officially launched in July 2012, the implementation period is 4 months.

Before implementation of the system
Operated by a third-party developed systems, lower integration
Enhance the specification and automaticity of assessment
Lack of feedback from peers and subordinates, and the association between performance and career development need to be enhanced
Dissymmetry between company and personal goals; lower level of transparency and participation

Challenges of Implementation
Performance evaluation process is complicated.
Immature successor planning process

Implementation results
Goals check at different levels, employees fully understand company's strategic objectives, and strategic execution has been enhanced.
Align the target of various departments and employees, making them understand company's goal, and strive together for realizing it.
Effectively improve the efficiency of target decomposition, efficiency performance evaluation, performance feedback process, enhancing the involvement of business sector in human resource management.
Effectively implementing the system and successor planning process. Recognizing the advantages / weaknesses of back-up talents and improving the capability of talents.

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