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China's economy is in the rapid development period, there are ample opportunities. Moreover, the potential market has brought endless possibilities for enterprises. However, due to the inflation, rising labor costs and imbalance of talent supply, there are also some challenges. Thus, in order to win the market, the coexistence of opportunity and challenge requires enterprises to update and adjust the talent strategy constantly.

How to create a talent supply chain and build a good environment for talent development;
How to effectively enhance the ability of individuals and teams to build efficient teams;
How to improve the human resource management systems and the processes to enhance the effectiveness of human resources;
How to maximize the benefits of investment in human capital;
Those above questions not only have become the common topic of human resources workers, but also brought great challenges and difficulties during work.

SAP is the global leader of making enterprise management solutions and software provider in human capital management, its subordinate SF has provided a set of affordable, optional-demand performance and talent management suite for different industries and various scale companies. It covers all aspects of human resources section from recruitment management, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation management to talent management. These solutions are easy to use and powerful, they can help enterprises fully understand and make good use of the most valuable assets ----- talents, thus achieving an unprecedented excellent performance. In addition, Gartner, IDC, Forrester and other famous third party organizations have rated SF as the leader of the performance management and talent management for years.

GAMC experience to ensure the success of projects

Familiar with SF implementation methodology
Familiar with SF system functions
Assist customers to optimize business processes
Assist customers to quickly get familiar with the operation in the future
Rich in implementation experience of domestic and foreign enterprise HR system
Global HR system implementation experience of multi-national company
Familiar with the related laws and regulations system in China

Talent Management Business Consulting Capability
Maturity change management methodology
Complete HR-related business processes
Customizing changes plan according to the project

Service advantages:
Golden Service Standard: Implementing Project Manager who is responsible for the whole process also serves as a full-time account manager, he takes charge of the system implementation in the early period and online operations in the later period; quarterly home visits, continuously make improvement to optimize the system.
Professional Systems Implementation: in order to ensure the quick and accurate understanding and implementation of customers' needs, all the consultants have more than 8 years experience in the implementation of HR systems
Rapid response to operation and maintenance: on behalf of clients to handle all system operation and maintenance problems, accelerating the speed of problem solving, ensuring processing quality; 7 * 24-hour ongoing support.

Domestic and foreign customers implementation experience, business consulting capabilities, change management methods (flexibility, collaboration, innovation)


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