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1. Description of GAMC Advisory and SAP Consulting Services:
In China, GAMC currently has more than 70 SAP project businesses and technology consultants, who were engaged in the implementation of SAP project modules respectively. As a partner of SAP project certification, we have corresponding software agent dealers of SAP project, who can provide the consulting and implementation services in energy sector for Mongolia State Grid's system. Moreover, we have extensive SAP implementation and SAP systems integration experience.

2. Features of GAMC’s SAP implementation:
Integrating ASAP methodologies of SAP project with the implementation experience of GAMC ERP, we can help enterprises to achieve the maximum results with a minimum cost. In addition, we have won the awards of the SAP project RDS (Rapid Implementation Methodology);

we are capable to provide the coherent and complete solutions for enterprises, including implementation services, staff training, on-line system operation and maintenance services, etc.;

Based on the concept of building a long-term cooperation with clients, we focus on creating a smooth transition of business process during the implementation of SAP project, paying more attention to knowledge transfer and forming a dedicated team to take charge of the operation and maintenance in the latter period.

3. GAMC’s SAP project Services:
Through painstaking research and rely on the extensive experience in SAP project technology platform,  GAMC have accumulated and formed a unique technology service standards, which are represented in three aspects:

1) The SAP project mainly focus on the system architecture consulting and project implementation services of the service-oriented architecture
Through integrated utilization of the SAP project business portal EP / Portal, enterprise switching architecture PI, business intelligence and data HANA / BW, NetWeaver development technologies: BPM, Webdynpro, Workflow to effectively support the complex business enterprises and then achieving strategic business objectives.

2) Quality management of SAP project implementation:
In order to realize the purpose of improving customer satisfaction through high-quality software development, the entire project development process is led by managers with the certification of PMP, using the CMMI for quality management. Furthermore, the staff from quality department is responsible for the quality of the project and the implementation of quality supervision, they judge, evaluate the quality of the system in the testing phase and give guidelines to improve it.

3) Management on SAP project implementation process:
Based on ASAP implementation methodology, GAMC has concluded years of project implementation experience and summed up the complete implementation mentoring program during the whole process.

SAP project Consulting Services
The management features of GAMC in data flow phase are:

Timeliness - to shorten the discussion time of business process by using SAP project IDES demo systems
Logicality - based on the logic of the SAP project solutions, we start from the introduction of the main flow and then to the sub-processes, and finally to discuss the special needs;
Related responsibility - As a leader of the project, GAMC consultants are responsible for designing future business processes, and the internal team of clients is responsible for making recommendations accordingly;
Methods and techniques - analyze of the existing processes and requirements must be clear before the new process design.

The management features of GAMC in testing phase are:

Timeliness - to meet the project requirements of various stages;
Logicality - the larger scope of the project, the more complex of functions. Accordingly, the Doran teat will be more conclusive; in order to get closer to the real production environment, we need to pay more to get a deep understanding of the project.
Related responsibility - as role of a coach, GAMC Consultant initiated the integration testing, however, the key users of customer is in charge of the test and the single module test.
Preparation before the test - business scenarios and data preparation is a prerequisite for all tests.
Training resources integration - to optimize the training effect by integrating GAMC' consultants with client resources.

The management features of GAMC in data conversion phase are:

Timeliness - to meet the project requirements of various stages;
Logicality - to make data conversion strategy and determine the type, cleaning methods and upload process of data in the seminar; in the meanwhile, we can plan the data type of unit testing and integration testing
Related responsibility - as a role of coach, GAMC consultants is in charge of  knowledge transferring. Moreover, the key users undertake the duty of data collection, cleaning and ensure the accuracy.
Prepare before uploading data - data must be cleaned and verified before upload to the system.

The management features of GAMC in training phase are:

Timeliness - to meet the project requirements of various stages;
Authority limited - to authorize limited quota of training users to pass through;
Skills transfer - to train internal users through training instructors;


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